First Ludum Dare Finished!

Yay! My first Ludum Dare is finally finished even though I slept for about a third of the duration xD. There are a lot of improvements that I could have made, such as a reason for losing and a actual tutorial, but I didn’t have enough time to implement them QQ. You can check it out at the Games section of my blog or the Ludum Dare page here.



Finished Coding Sensou!

Finally I have finished doing the coding portion of my MOBA project, Sensou. When summer vacation comes around I’ll do the texturing and add sound for once, but here’s a link to play the game. I have also switched to Dropbox from Mediafire because it allows me to use a webplayer version, which is a lot more quicker to play than downloading from a link.
Webplayer Link:
Download Link: