Chikara Chapter 1

It’s finally time to start my summer project, well actually this project is going to be going on for the rest of the year. This project may be a little unorthodox because for each chapter I’m going to use a different style of gameplay. For example the first chapter will have a top down hack & slash style, while chapter 2 will use a turn based style. Creating the chapters this way allows me to gain experience in all the gameplay types that I love to play.

So to start off I’d like to introduce my upcoming project, Chikara, which stands for power in Japanese. For the past week I’ve been creating the models for the characters and environment. First the heroine, Aiya. She was quite fun to model because it was the first time I ever modeled hair properly (or is it), sadly you guys can’t see the ponytail from this front view. QQ


Next is the heroines enemy, the Demon Lord. While modeling this character I was really dissatisfied by the original design (top), and ended up remodeling most of it until I reached something that I’m very proud that I made (bottom). Demon Lord Original Demon Lord

I’m still not completely sure if I’m doing the proportions of the body or the swords correctly but I’m pretty happy with the progress so far. Now I just need to correctly rig, animate, and texture the characters. After that I’ll be redoing most of the environmental models for the level because I want to add more detail to them. Hopefully I’ll be done with all of that by the end of next week and present you guys with a nice update. ^^