Chikara Chapter 1 Update 3

     Hello and welcome to the third weekly update for Chikara. This week was quite fun I was able to learn and increase my understanding of how texturing works, although I did fail in making a proper texture atlas because I didn’t plan out how many textures I needed beforehand. Most of the texturing work is done along with some decent animations. The animations look quite funny, which shows that I still have a lot to learn in the animation department. xD I finally started putting all the pieces together in unity and I’m pretty satisfied with the look so far. :] Chikara
     Now I can finally get back to doing what I do best, at least compared to my other skills, scripting! I plan on finishing the chapter this week so it won’t be too long until you guys can play it. And here is one more random image that I though was funny, I really didn’t expect messing with the materials would lead to this… Aiya
     Before I leave I think I should talk more about this, so here I go. First off these chapters are going to be relatively short because I’m going work on each chapter for at max one month. Unlike my past games I’m going to spend a lot more time on the graphical, storytelling, and the sound department, which were either nonexistent or very basic in my past projects. The chapters are going to be released separately from each other so you can play whatever chapter you want first, because the chapters will contain different game types. I’m not too worried about spoilers because I don’t think my story is that great, but I will aim for a fun story. Well that’s enough for today so I’ll be back with a finished chapter next post.