Chikara Chapter 1 Update 4

     Today I’d like to make a small update to inform you that the the chapter is pretty much done. :] But before I post it I’m going to send it to some friends to test it out to make sure there aren’t any huge bugs out there. Speaking of bugs here is a beautiful infinite loop I accidentally created during my 3 days of coding.
I broke it
     For the first time I also implemented sound effects and man do they make a difference, once I added a single sound effect it felt so awkward listening to silence so I just had to keep adding more. I picked up some pretty nice sounds that I can use freely from and they fit pretty nicely into the game. Although the same can’t be said for the music which I tried making my self. xD It can be pretty repetitive and I’m sorry if it gives any of you a headache. I’ll officially release the game to the public on Saturday, so I’ll see you guys there.