Chikara Chapter 2 Update 1

      Wow, its been three weeks since I last updated… Well I should probably explain what I was doing during those three weeks. For the first week I basically just took a break and played with my friends. One of them bought a Left 4 Dead 2 four pack during the steam summer sale, so we had some good times. On the second week I started creating some environmental assets for the forest location in Chapter 2, but the week was focused mostly on coding the game, so there wasn’t really anything worth showing. For the third week I started a new visual novel and got quite distracted. Something similar happened before I started Chapter 1 when I began playing the visual novel Rewrite, which was absolutely amazing, but it grabbed my attention for about 2 weeks and took me away from starting Chikara.

     I refocused myself and withheld my urge to play the visual novel to draw some nice lineart for Aiya, and the new character Yuu. Hopefully these will help me get one step closer to creating a visual novel like conversation system. The lineart I’m showing here is one fourth of its actual size because the original size would most likely look really bad compressed in this post.

I also modeled and rigged the new character, Yuu.
Yuu Blender
     Well that’s about it for now, next update I should be able to show the environment and the colored lineart, even though I’m not sure how well I’ll be coloring them since my art skills are pretty limited, but I’ll do my best. ^^ The current plan is to complete Chapter 2 in the next two weeks, and hopefully I can accomplish that. :]