Chikara Chapter 2 Update 2

     For today I’m going to introduce a friendly npc, Okina, a nature dragon. Okina is Yuu’s mentor and helps him by teaching him magic. Originally I wanted a bear or something for his mentor, but switched to a dragon because it’s just plain cooler and for story reasons. First I drew some art for him because well I don’t usually draw dragons and I thought it would be fun.

Dragon Concept
     Man my coloring skills are bad. xD Well at least it helped me get an idea of how I wanted to texture him, which I did after modeling him.

     It turned out pretty badly. I didn’t like the single color scheme very much, so I ended up re-texturing him into what he is now.

Dragon Stand
     With the addition of yellow to the color scheme it looks much better along with the additional tiling of the the seamless scales texture I made. After that I went and rigged him, even though he will just sit there the whole chapter, but it was an interesting experience since I don’t often rig four legged creatures in general. Now here is Okina relaxing in the forest.

Text Level
     For this image I basically randomly scattered around all the textures and objects I made for the environment. I do have a texture for the tree’s bark but I got really distracted by trying to make a variety of tree types. I ended up with six different variants that I liked, but I’m still not completely sure which trees I’m going to use. I might just end up experimenting some more until I get some more interesting looking trees. I rendered the above image in blender so I’m not sure how it’ll look in Unity, but with proper light mapping it will probably look better.

     Well that is pretty much it for today. I said I would show the colored character portraits today, but was sadly dragged way off track. I’m still hoping I finish the chapter this week, so I’ll be back with a finished chapter or another update. Goodbye and thanks for reading. ^^