Happy Birthday Tony Dang!

     Today is a special day. Today is a joyous day. Today is August 9th (Oh the post says today is August 10th… Well it’s August 9th in my timezone!). Today I’m officially 18 years old. :] Man time sure does pass by quick. Four years ago I started to learn how to program in my computer science class. Those were some good times, but sadly most of my friends didn’t go past computer science one with me.

     Two years after that I started learning Blender. I still remember one of the first things I tried to create in blender and I still have it today. Dragon That was my first attempt at creating a dragon and it was pretty bad, it had so many useless polygons and it looked like crap, but at least I’ve learned how to make a better dragon while working on Chikara. It is much more low poly and the anatomy makes a lot more sense than my first attempt.

     Then one year ago I stared learning Unity. Before I started creating games for One Game a Month, there was one project that I started right before the start of this year. It wasn’t exactly ambitious, but the game I was trying to make, a sidescroller with a Christmas theme, required so many skills and experience that I just hadn’t acquired yet. That is when I learned of how difficult game development really was. Here is a screen shot of this failed project of mine. Christmas
The story revolved around a werewolf fighting to save Santa Clause. It was a simple game, but I lacked the knowledge and skill to complete it so I ended up dropping it. This game was also my first attempt at creating a wolf and werewolf models, which were quite anatomically incorrect. xD I’ve made a new wolf and werewolf model for Chikara, but you guys won’t be able see that until Sunday.

     Then began this year I started off anew with smaller games starting with the game Hax, which I made for a friends birthday and because One Game a Month motivated me. It helped push me to learn and try to make more little games for my friends and I even made a game for a school project and of course I got an A for it even though it wasn’t much. P:

     Now finally I’m 18 and have made 7 games in total so far. I’ve learned a great deal of almost all aspects of game development , but I continue feel like a amateur that still needs more training. Well hopefully by the time I finish Chikara I’ll have enough experience to level up from amateur game developer to novice game developer. ^.^