Chikara Chapter 2 Update 3

     For today’s update I can show off the enemies for this chapter. First are the basic enemies you are going to fight, the wolves. I’ll be using this model with modified textures to create variants of the enemies that have different abilities. The current plan is to have at least three different types of wolves.
     Next is the boss of the chapter, a werewolf. I was thinking of stopping with the first werewolf model, but instantly changed my mind in favor creating a more menacing boss. :] After adding more fur making him look more awesome I modified the texture a lot, fixed up the model some more, and changed his color scheme grays to strong values of black and white, making him more satisfying to look at (at least for me).
     I also have Yuu textured. I even inverted the texture to see how it looked and he looks fabulous and quite evil. xD Unlike the original model he has twin swords, instead of the bow on his back. I plan on making it so he can combine them to create a bow through the power of magic. Hopefully I’ve learned enough about animation to make it look right.
     Sorry for the late update, I’m just really tired from all the work, plus the real life events that I have to accomplish right now. I really want to finish the chapter this week, but so many events are going on right now for me. I really don’t want to rush this chapter either, but at least all the characters I’ve shown here are rigged and ready to be animated, so now all I need to do now is animate and code the rest of the game. I will probably have to cut back some things such as the character portraits that I really wanted to have this chapter, but they can always be on the next chapter. Now that should be all for today, so I’ll be back with more information next week. ^^