Slow Progress

     First here is a random image because I like posting images. This is from when I failed at baking an ambient occlusion map from a subdivided version of Yuu. I saved an image of it because well why not? xD
untitled (4)
     Progress on Chikara has been slow these past two weeks. First I had to learn how to drive, which went pretty well, since I passed the driving test and now own a temporary license. :] Other than driving I’ve had to prepare for college, which starts tomorrow. Yay! It’s pretty surprising how fast summer went by, but it was a very nice one, since I was able to learn a lot this summer. Although I’m still sad that I haven’t finished Chapter 2 before summer ended.

     Besides those setbacks I spent some time studying animation and now have a better understanding of the workflow of animation. My animations are still going to need a lot of work, but hopefully it should look like an improvement. ^.^ There is also one more thing that I forgot to mention, and that was that two of my friends bought me an Ouya for my birthday, so I’ve spent some time learning how to develop for that platform too. I probably won’t be able to make a game for it until next summer, because I want to focus on Chikara, but it still wouldn’t hurt learning how to port games to it. I probably won’t post anything for a while due to college, but I’ll be back with some actual progress on Chikara next time, so I’ll see you guys later.