Chikara Chapter 2 Update 4

     Hello guys and maybe gals, I’m finally back with more news for Chikara Chapter 2. Things have been going pretty well and also slowly due to college, but I still find time here and there to work on the game. I just wish I had a laptop so I could work on the game even away from home, but that is what I’m hoping to buy during Black Friday. My classes are relatively easy so sometimes I just write down the script for the game, code, and ideas. Most of the time I end up drawing during class, as you can see here from my collage of drawings I’ve been doing for the last 2 months. Sadly a lot of the lines are lost due to how lightly I draw.
     For some reason I don’t ever draw at home, so I only feel like drawing at school due to boredom, just like last year in highschool. xD But man after taking a look back at the drawings I can see so many errors in my proportions and lines. QQ At the least I think I’m getting better at drawing at this angle, although I need to start drawing in the face, which is what I’m practicing right now.

     Besides drawing I’ve completed the majority of the code for the turn based combat in Chapter 2, but there is still some minor code I need to do. Most of the animations are done and implemented into the game already, there are just a few that I need to do to improve the fluency of the characters’ movements.

     I’ve also been focusing a lot on trying to create a good looking forest environment for the game, since I’ve made some pretty terrible looking forest like environments in the past (Supply & Demand, Sensou). So I went back and recreated a few textures, such as the grass, mushrooms, and rocks. I also created some new models like the fallen tree trunks and tree stumps. Here is how it looks like with just real time lighting, which is awesome because they made it available for Unity free.
Basic Scene
     First I baked the lightmaps for the scene using my current light source, but things turned out extremely dark.
Too Dark
     Again I tried to bake the scene, but this time around I used about 3 more lights in the scene. It definitely lighted up the scene but now everything was too bright.
Too Bright
     After a lot more tweaking I finally found a nice compromise between shadow and light and ended up with this scene. Unlike the other scenes I added some random particles to the scene in addition with a change in the lighting’s color to give a tint of yellow for the sun. Along with those changes I played around with the ambient light and added a minor amount of fog to the scene to give more depth.
Fog & Ambient
     At this point I began modifying the scene so that I could get rid of some really dark shadows that the light wasn’t able to reach and then removed the grass because I thought it looked terrible. After that I started studying shaders because I’ve always been interested in how they worked, especially since they can seriously change the look of a scene. For example this is how it looks like with the rim lighting shader.
Rim Lighting
     I thought it looked really funny so I ended up changing it back to the diffuse shaders and instead applied the rim lighting shader to characters like the dragon, Okina.
     And finally here is how the game looks right now. All those brave cubes that died while testing the combat system are gone now and in their place are the actual characters. ^.^ Of course the status bars aren’t going to look like that in the final product, they are just there for testing purposes.
Current State
     Well that is about it for now I still have a list of things to do before this chapter is finished and if you’re curious this is my to do list.

To Do List
Add sound
Create & add music
Finish animations (jump back, wolf turning)
Create & add interface
Work on special effects
Implement status effects in combat
Add Story
Create tutorial
Redo character portraits

     The current aim is to finish before thanksgiving break, but who knows what will happen. Anyways I need to get back to doing homework, so I’ll see you guys and gals later.