Two Years Later

So its been more than two years since I’ve last posted anything on this blog and I’ve just turned 20 today! I don’t really like how I just abandoned the blog without any kind of closure so I just wanted to do something about that.

To start off I’ll tell you about the last project I was working on, Chikara. I basically just felt very unhappy with how I was developing things and I just decided to stop. Although it was pretty fun doing One Game A Month, it wasn’t the best idea to try to create a chapter each month. I just felt like I wouldn’t be able to create anything that I would be proud of if I just made an unfinished game each month. Now I just want to do something more unique on a smaller scale and scope.

Two years ago is also the time when I started college. Due to that college has been my top priority, so I don’t waste my family’s hard earned money. Unlike two years ago I also didn’t have all the free time I had during my senior year of high school. During the past two years I’ve only been working on some small prototypes during my winter and summer breaks, which aren’t worth showing yet. This pattern is probably going to continue for the my last two or three years of college, so I won’t be active on this blog for a while.

Although I won’t be actively working on games, I’ve recently started to post things on my DeviantArt. So far I’ve only been working on my drawing abilities, which is getting better each month. I also plan to add some other things I want to practice, such as 3D modeling, texturing, and animating, which will most likely get posted on there too. I’m still very much dedicated to my dream of developing games even if it’s only a hobby for now. I’m very glad that I decided to write this post and will be back in the far future with improved abilities and more knowledge to make my dream game come true.

So until then this is farewell from an Aspiring Game Developer.