Summer Vacation!

Finally school is pretty much over and now I’m almost a high school graduate, just need to pick up my diploma ^.^ In the mean time I made a simple tower defense named Aegis for May’s one game a month. Even though it was such a simple game I actually learned a few useful things from creating it, which should help in future projects. Speaking of future projects, now that its summer vacation I can concentrate on game development a lot more, so hopefully I can make a more refined game with my extra time. Last but not least here’s a pretty screenshot and links for Aegis.

Untitled 2


Finished Coding Sensou!

Finally I have finished doing the coding portion of my MOBA project, Sensou. When summer vacation comes around I’ll do the texturing and add sound for once, but here’s a link to play the game. I have also switched to Dropbox from Mediafire because it allows me to use a webplayer version, which is a lot more quicker to play than downloading from a link.
Webplayer Link:
Download Link: