Chikara Chapter 1 Finished

     After some extremely helpful feedback from my good friends who beta tested the game for me I’m happy to present the first chapter of Chikara. My awesome friends have helped me improve the game so much and I’m way happier with the game then before I let them test it, so thank you very much guys. ^^ Now here are the the links to the game so that you can try it out for yourselves and some more screenshots of the game. :]
     After a little break I’ll begin working on Chapter 2. So far I’ve made a simple game design document for it, so that I can be more efficient in my workflow and complete it in two to three weeks. Well that’s it for today, so I’ll be back next week with more information on Chapter 2.


Chikara Chapter 1 Update 4

     Today I’d like to make a small update to inform you that the the chapter is pretty much done. :] But before I post it I’m going to send it to some friends to test it out to make sure there aren’t any huge bugs out there. Speaking of bugs here is a beautiful infinite loop I accidentally created during my 3 days of coding.
I broke it
     For the first time I also implemented sound effects and man do they make a difference, once I added a single sound effect it felt so awkward listening to silence so I just had to keep adding more. I picked up some pretty nice sounds that I can use freely from and they fit pretty nicely into the game. Although the same can’t be said for the music which I tried making my self. xD It can be pretty repetitive and I’m sorry if it gives any of you a headache. I’ll officially release the game to the public on Saturday, so I’ll see you guys there.

Chikara Chapter 1 Update 3

     Hello and welcome to the third weekly update for Chikara. This week was quite fun I was able to learn and increase my understanding of how texturing works, although I did fail in making a proper texture atlas because I didn’t plan out how many textures I needed beforehand. Most of the texturing work is done along with some decent animations. The animations look quite funny, which shows that I still have a lot to learn in the animation department. xD I finally started putting all the pieces together in unity and I’m pretty satisfied with the look so far. :] Chikara
     Now I can finally get back to doing what I do best, at least compared to my other skills, scripting! I plan on finishing the chapter this week so it won’t be too long until you guys can play it. And here is one more random image that I though was funny, I really didn’t expect messing with the materials would lead to this… Aiya
     Before I leave I think I should talk more about this, so here I go. First off these chapters are going to be relatively short because I’m going work on each chapter for at max one month. Unlike my past games I’m going to spend a lot more time on the graphical, storytelling, and the sound department, which were either nonexistent or very basic in my past projects. The chapters are going to be released separately from each other so you can play whatever chapter you want first, because the chapters will contain different game types. I’m not too worried about spoilers because I don’t think my story is that great, but I will aim for a fun story. Well that’s enough for today so I’ll be back with a finished chapter next post.

Chikara Chapter 1 Update 2

     For the past week I’ve been busy doing my driver’s education classroom requirements, which I finally finished today. :] During the time away from studying I completed rigging the characters. I haven’t rigged many models before so this made me learn quite a bit. It has made me want to try approaching 3d modeling a little differently so that I don’t get stuck rigging certain parts, such as Aiya’s skirt or belts. Along with the rigging progress I made a layout of the level for chapter 1 using the first modular set I’ve ever created. It’s a nice start and since I’ve completed my driver’s ed courses I can concentrate on creating some nice textures and for try to implement normal maps into my models for the first time. ^^
Level Test

Chikara Chapter 1

It’s finally time to start my summer project, well actually this project is going to be going on for the rest of the year. This project may be a little unorthodox because for each chapter I’m going to use a different style of gameplay. For example the first chapter will have a top down hack & slash style, while chapter 2 will use a turn based style. Creating the chapters this way allows me to gain experience in all the gameplay types that I love to play.

So to start off I’d like to introduce my upcoming project, Chikara, which stands for power in Japanese. For the past week I’ve been creating the models for the characters and environment. First the heroine, Aiya. She was quite fun to model because it was the first time I ever modeled hair properly (or is it), sadly you guys can’t see the ponytail from this front view. QQ


Next is the heroines enemy, the Demon Lord. While modeling this character I was really dissatisfied by the original design (top), and ended up remodeling most of it until I reached something that I’m very proud that I made (bottom). Demon Lord Original Demon Lord

I’m still not completely sure if I’m doing the proportions of the body or the swords correctly but I’m pretty happy with the progress so far. Now I just need to correctly rig, animate, and texture the characters. After that I’ll be redoing most of the environmental models for the level because I want to add more detail to them. Hopefully I’ll be done with all of that by the end of next week and present you guys with a nice update. ^^

Summer Vacation!

Finally school is pretty much over and now I’m almost a high school graduate, just need to pick up my diploma ^.^ In the mean time I made a simple tower defense named Aegis for May’s one game a month. Even though it was such a simple game I actually learned a few useful things from creating it, which should help in future projects. Speaking of future projects, now that its summer vacation I can concentrate on game development a lot more, so hopefully I can make a more refined game with my extra time. Last but not least here’s a pretty screenshot and links for Aegis.

Untitled 2

First Ludum Dare Finished!

Yay! My first Ludum Dare is finally finished even though I slept for about a third of the duration xD. There are a lot of improvements that I could have made, such as a reason for losing and a actual tutorial, but I didn’t have enough time to implement them QQ. You can check it out at the Games section of my blog or the Ludum Dare page here.